Resident Experience


"The Palisades is a quiet building with good heating and cooling system and worthy maintenance; a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere. I love my apartment itself; every area of my requirements are met. The kitchen and bathroom are just right. The huge window out onto the balcony looking at the river. Nice parks and walks around the area. The library is a 5-minute walk away, which is important to me! The staff are kind, helpful and cheerful. The fellow inhabitants make for enjoyable company. I like having only the one meal per day, and the price is very fair."

“When my wife and I were deciding on which of the assisted living residences we would like to live in, an important factor was the meal arrangements at The Palisades. She still liked to cook but would appreciate one meal a day being cooked by someone else. She liked the thought of still having her own kitchen. At The Palisades, five evening meals and Saturday lunch are covered by the monthly fee, while noon lunches are optional, and that was what we preferred.

Other amenities such as the attractive suite and downtown location attracted us. Once we were settled in, we experienced much more that we enjoyed very much: the friendly home-like atmosphere provided by the management, staff and other residents, the activities arranged by the residents and staff, the weekly cleaning by the staff and the concern that management and staff all have for our well-being are great pluses.”

“For three years, we spent some time looking at condos, thinking that was the logical next move from our home. We didn’t even consider an assisted or enriched living facility. However, when we learned about The Palisades, and the services they offered, particularly five evening dinners in the dining room AND a full kitchen in the apartment, we realized these services were just what we needed. So we decided to ‘skip the condo stage’ and to move directly into The Palisades, eliminating one more exhausting ‘packing and moving’ experience. We have independence AND many services which make our life more enjoyable. Also, if a time comes when some care is needed, there is a separate Intermediate Care floor on site – no need to move again!”

“I feel like I belong to a big, happy family. All my needs are being taken care of. I find that the complete staff of The Palisades work together for the good of the residents – our health and wellbeing – entertainment – good food – cleanliness of the whole complex. Support Services are second to none!! It’s just a great place to live!”

“We have been residents of The Palisades for almost two years. We are very contented here as we realize we aren’t able to be totally independent. We appreciate the wonderful, caring attitude of all staff – management, supportive care, housekeeping, kitchen and serving girls. We feel very fortunate to be able to spend our remaining years in the friendly, caring atmosphere of The Palisades.”

“I’ve never lived downtown or in an apartment before. The location is ideal. I feel safe and secure and confident in the staff. I have independence and privacy. How fortunate for me to have chosen The Palisades!”

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